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Facts About the Individual Classes of Anabolic Steroids

Synthetic testosterone is the basis for the many types of anabolic steroids. There are medical reason for the administration of steroids. However, most athletes find them useful for losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Athletes also like the fact that using steroids increases endurance and gives their strength a boost. All the many types of steroids have their own chemical structure. This composition, or formula, is what causes the variety in the effects you can experience from the different steroids. Being based on testosterone - the original androgen which is a hormone that controls the development of male characteristics - whomever uses these xtreme no will be subject, to some extent, to an "xtreme no side effects." AAS - Anabolic-Androgen Steroids - is the class in which these types of steroids fall. Here are examples of some of the steroids available and information about each of them.

Clenbuterol has become popular with athletes and those bodybuilders who are high performers. CLEN is noted for the fact that it increases the metabolism rate of body fat, burning this fat more efficiently. The function of CLEN is to influence the body's fat-releasing receptors to free fat cells. Once released, the fat cells become useful as both a fuel and a slimming aid due to their thermogenic action in the body. Since it is a bronchodilator, CLEN is used by veterinarians worldwide to treat horses for allergic respiratory disease. Some countries, because of the demand by humans for leaner cuts of meat, still give CLEN to animals being raised for human consumption. Nonetheless, veterinarians in the United States cannot use CLEN on any animals as it is prohibited. This steroid has been very popular within sports for an unusually long time. Athletes who take anabolic steroids usually do so by pill or intramuscular injection,. In additional to intramuscular injection, these injections can also be administered just beneath the skin. Less well-known methods of using anabolic steroids are with creams, gels, or patches (transdermal delivery) and as a nasal spray. Delivery by prescription nasal spray is used frequently for asthma patients. A medical doctor who has an asthma patient and is considering prescribing an anabolic steroid in nasal spray form, must very carefully compute the patient's dosage. A gel or cream base can be used when an anabolic steroid is to be delivered transdermally. In this method, the cream is rubbed into the skin.

We know that anabolic steroids, also known as anabolic-androgeni steroids (AAS) have androgen effect. There are several different locations in the body where androgenic characteristics can surface. The more an athlete or other person knows about the androgenic results that they could experience with a specific anabolic steroid, the better able they will be to choose the right configuration.

Other results for men who take androgen steroids can be a deeper voice, larger vocal cords, diminished sperm production, and the repression of sex hormones.
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Testosterone was synthesized in the 1930s and since that time, anabolic steroids have been used by doctors for diverse reasons - sometimes successfully, other times not so successful. Some of the benefits of anabolic steroid therapy include the rebuilding of tissue that has been weakened as a result of an injury or an illness, and the treatment of certain kinds of breast cancer in women. Because these steroids help enhance muscle mass, they are categorized as "anabolic", which means they function to improve "creative metabolism." One must look back to the Twentieth Century to discover the variety of steroids as they were developed and their history. Actually steroids are recorded in history dating to ancient Greece which is simply amazing. All the same, continued underground research, nonetheless, increases and refines the information we have gathered throughout the years. This is just one explanation as to why there are now so many various types of steroids with each one having a different function in the body. Just as with Bodenone, many are developed that look effective on paper, but the clinical and field results may be disappointing.Check other resources :

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